misc mods

No Plumbobs Removes the plumbobs from neighborhood screen and above Sims.

Anti Weather Reaction  ─ Sims no longer wake up to gawk at weather outside.

Burglar Mod  ─  Improved and realistic burglars! No burglar sound cue, burglars have a chance of avoid alarms based on skill, etc.

Don’t Walk Away While Cooking ─  If you find it annoying how Sims always walk away while cooking, this mod is for you.

Macrotastics  ─ Automates tedious and repetitive game play. I like to use it when I want my Sims to clean the entire house.

Perfect Plants  ─ Stops weeds from overtaking your lot.

Welcome Wagon Dialog  ─ A dialog pop up appears asking if you’d like the welcome wagon to arrive on your lot.

Random Stereo Stations  ─ AKA Sick of Salsa Music.

No CAS Smiling  ─ Sims no longer smile for no reason in CAS mode.

Sleepwear by Personality Changes the logic for sims choosing what to wear when going to bed autonomously.

Watch TV From All Chairs  ─ Allows your Sims to watch TV from chairs facing any direction at least 10 squares back from the TV – even if they’re facing sideways or at 45-degree angles.

Moving Sign  ─ Automatically keeps kitchen and bathroom built-ins, light fixtures, and gives you proper value when moving from a lot.

Immaturity + Fights Mod  ─ Young adults and older are now able to be immature. Adults and elders are much less likely, but they still can be immature. Also fixes a few issues with fight interactions, and it adds new features.

Prank Calls  ─ Adds TS1 style prank calls back into the game. So fun, so creepy!

Want Disablers ─ Prevents Sims from getting wants for college scholarships, pet jobs, and/or go on vacation.

No Lost Friend Notifcations No more annoying notifications that clog up the side of your screen from losing friends.

Elders Sleep thru Night  self-explanatory.

No Instant Firefighter & Cop  ─ This mod will delay firefighter for 15-45 minutes (randomly picked) and cop for 1-12 minutes.

about + tou

my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

terms of use

• open tou; feel free to do just about anything you’d like with my stuff, ideally with credit.

• absolutely do not post anything i have made behind a paywall, that includes sites like t$r.

• most of all, don’t be a weirdo and claim/reupload my stuff as your own.