master mod list

These are mods I cannot live without! They are listed in categories.

Credits to all mod creators linked below. ♡

Note: With Simbology links, choose your latest expansion pack, then search for the file.



Mootilda’s Hood Checker ─  A necessary tool used to check for corruption in your neighborhoods.

Hack Conflict Detection Utility (HCDU) Plus ─  Another necessary tool that finds hack conflicts in your game. Updated to HCDU Plus by whoward because it is able to find many more conflicts. Also recommended: SiMidge.

SimPE ─ Number one essential tool/program that allows you to view package files, tune/create mods, edit ages/names/etc. download version 0.75.69.

Lazy Duchess’ RPC Launcher ─ A custom launcher with added features and fixes. Includes a Discord Rich Presence, First Born Syndrome Fix, Borderless, and Better Live Mode Camera. Can’t live without this!

What Caused This?  ─  Reads the object error log file, extracts some information from it and then looks in every mod in your Downloads folder to see if it can identify the suspect mod(s).

Object Relocator  ─  A utility for moving Buy Mode objects around in the catalog en-masse by changing their Room, Function, Sub-Function and Community flags, and also their Price.

Download Organizer ─ I find this incredibly helpful when I need to see my mods/cc organized by date downloaded.

Chris Hatch’s Lot Cleaner   ─  Object in buy catalog that cleans a lot of sim references, and removes the Super Duper Hug Bug. Essential if you download/upload lots frequently. Recommended to remove from dl folder when finished as it will automatically clean a lot if you just click on it in the catalog.

Anti-Redundancy ─  Eliminates the spawning of redundant NPCs.

No Death Type Loss ─Sims no longer lose their death type upon moving their tombstone to a community lot. Also, ghosts will now be the correct color from the type of death.

No Corrupt Death ─  Suppresses the corrupt death memory.

No Unlink on Delete ─  Game stops partially destroying sims files when deleting a tombstone.

FFS Lot Debugger ─  Lots of very useful debug options. I use the pretty vase version. :)

No Sim Loaded ─ Eliminates “Sim Loaded” and other tokens when loading up a lot. Also prevents and fixes the Super Duper Hug Bug.

Gussy Up ─ Change, buy, and plan playable and townie Sims clothes.

Soft Shadows 2.0  Turns the blobby outdoor shadows into soft ones, like in the family portrait and indoors. Great for screenshots. *Don’t use if you have dreadpirate’s mm lighting mod.

Simnopke's Sliders  24 face sliders available in CAS, plastic surgery machine, and Bodyshop. The 20 face sliders are here!

Sim Blender ─ Holy Grail management mod. Allows for a host of different options. A serious must have! *updated Mar. 2021 with added 1-3-5 day aging.

Sim Manipulator ─  Similar to Sim Blender but with several more options. You can have one or both, I use them interchangeably.

No Townie Regen ─  Prevents the game from spawning new townies.

Day Setter ─  Sets the day of the week for the current lot. Necessary to keep hoods in sync.

Weather Controller ─  Sets the season and weather on the current lot.

Inge’s Age Group Tweak ─  Custom age length mod. Tutorial on how to tune age span: here. Recommended use with Age Correct.

Smart AgeCorrect ─ This mod corrects the age span length of a hood. Must use with custom lifespans in order to change entire hood’s age span. Remove from downloads after loading a lot and receiving the pop up that the mod worked. Updated to Lazy Duchess' version which does not require taking out the mod.

Auto Save Game ─ A pop up appears that asks if you’d like to save the game.                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


No Baby Harassment ─ Babies no longer harassed a million times by Sims for no reason.

Crib Get Out ─  Toddlers can now get out of cribs by themselves.

Baby Bottle Replacement ─  Replaces the ugly green bottle with a more realistic clear/white bottle.

Accessible High Chairs  ─ Sims can access toddler high chairs from all angles.

Bottomless Bottle ─  Baby bottle that never spoils. Also deletes any regular bottles lying around.

No Empty Potty ─  Eliminates the need to empty the potty.

Baby Wants Fix ─  Removes the distinction between having a baby and adopting. Adopting will satisfy the want to have a baby.

Freetime Animated Cribs ─  No more arms stuck in cribs!

Baby Bottles from Mini Fridge ─  Sims can now get baby bottles from the mini fridge!

Aging Baby to Toddler Fix ─  Fixes an issue with the Help with Birthday code that prevents babies from aging into toddlers.

Kids Can Make Cereal ─  self explanatory.

Breastfeed Baby ─  Sims can now breastfeed their babies!

Wet the Bed ─  If a child sim was not potty trained, there is a chance they wet the bed.

Watch Kids Enabled ─  Allows neighbors and visitors to watch kids like a nanny.

Children Can Throw Parties ─ Finally children can throw parties and invite their friends instead of Mom and Dad!

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Business Mod  ─ OFB fixes. Must have if you play with sim-owned businesses.

Decorative Parking Spaces ─ Allows for parked cars to spawn when placed.

Park in the Car Park  ─  Sims can park their car on community lots.

No Lame Hires  ─  Non-townie sims with jobs less than or equal to L6 or already working in a user business are no longer considered eligible hires and will not clog the hiring pool.

Townie Budget Mod  ─  No more infinite money for townies. They will not buy items they cannot afford at businesses or restaurants.

Simlogical Business Mods  ─  Modded OFB items, useful if playing with sim-owned businesses.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««

Computer & Social:

Monique’s Hacked Computers  ─ Essential computer mod that does much more than the standard Maxis computer. Bank online, buy items, etc. Recolors included.

Default Computer Screens  ─  Replaces the default computer screens with much better looking ones.

Child Computer Chat  ─  Children can chat on computers now.

Ask Age  ─  Enables the social interaction that allows Sims to ask how old are you?

Brighter Computer Screens  ─ Computer screens are no longer dark and dull, you can finally see what your Sims are up to on the net!

Hidden Interactions ─ This is a set of three global mods that unlock hidden interactions that are normally only performed autonomously. Also a part two!

Call Anyone Sims are able to call anyone, regardless if the sim they are calling has a phone or not.

Chat in Pool ─ Sims can now chat while swimming!

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««

Death & Sickness:

More Dangerous Fire  ─  Fires spread faster and destroy quicker. I use more dangerous. NOT EVEN MORE. unless that’s what you’d like!

Fire Mod  ─ Fixes issues with how Sims react to fires. Sims who practice Fire Prevention will actually put out fires quicker.

Faster Disease Processing  ─  Disease recovery will not get slower if multiple Sims are sick.

Frequent Disease Processing  ─ Disease severity updated every cycle instead of every six.

Deadly Satellites  ─  Increases the likelihood of a Sim dying via satellite.

Realistic Sickness  ─  Makes sickness deadlier than before. USE WITH CAUTION. Sims will die if not taken care of.

Select Your Cemetery  ─  Allows you to choose a cemetery to move a tombstone.

Pneumonia Fix  ─  Fixes the problem where sims would die of colds, instead of having the cold turn into pneumonia as intended by EA.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Desk Locator  ─  With this object placed on a desk, children and teens will always put their homework on the designated desk.

Doctors Need Degrees  ─  Limits promotions for Sims that did not attend or finish college, depending on education level. An expanded version of Cyjon’s Edukashun iz Gud.

Semester Changes  ─ University length cut down to 8 days instead of 24.

Move Out of College  ─  Sims of any age can live in uni subhoods and graduated Sims are not forced to move out.

Faster Homework  ─  Homework takes 15 minutes to complete instead of 1hr.

1 Day Uni Aging  ─  Playable sims and pets age and grow up while living on campus (all except young adults).

No Visiting Professors  ─   Prevents those creepy Art professors from stalking your dorms.

No Memory & Want Uneducated  ─  Sims do not get a negative memory for not attending college.

School Mods  ─ Various school mods such as a fix on how the game determines which friend to bring home.

Uni Career Lifetime Wants  ─  Adds missing lifetime wants for University careers.

No Dormie Regen  ─  Prevents random dormies from spawning.

No SS Respawn  ─  Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members.

Prom + Afterschool Activity  ─ Adds Prom experience and after school activities for teens.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Abuctions Higher Odds  ─  Increases the chance of getting abducted while stargazing.

Creature Fixes  ─ Fixes issues with supernaturals.

Multi Pollination Technicians  ─  Default replacements I use for the PT.

Sim Transformer  ─  Sims can transform into any supernatural or be cured.

Hereditary Supernaturalism  ─ When babies grow into toddlers they can inherit vampirism and plantsimism from their parents. When toddlers grow into children they can inherit lycanthropy, and when they grow into teens they can inherit witchism.

Werewolf Personality  ─ Adds depth to werewolf personalities.

Deadly Werewolves -- Werewolves can maim and ravage sims with the chance of killing them.

Vampires Can Drink Blood and Turn Sims into Ghouls -- self-explanatory.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Child Support  ─  Sims who have children currently not living on the same lot will pay child support. Other versions of the mod can be found on MTS.

Bills Mod  ─  This mod adds checks and features to the way the game calculates bills.

Loan Jar  ─  Sims are now able to take out loans and pay them back!

Partial Financial Advice  ─  Sims will now get a partial amount of money if the command was canceled.

Social Welfare  ─ Unemployed sims are able to apply for social welfare benefits. Quantity depends of number of children.

No 20k Handouts  ─  Sims no longer receive 20k for free every time they move.

Utility Mod  ─ Basic utilities will be taken into account when the game calculates bills.

More Realistic Wages  ─  Salaries have been cut in half, resulting in more realistic wages.

Professional Blogger  ─  Sims with maxed enthusiasm in a hobby will now get paid.

No Inheritance after Elder Dies  ─  No more cash given to your Sims when an elder relative passes away.

Lower Wages  ─ Reduced salaries for University, FreeTime, and Seasons jobs in order to match base game careers.

Job Options Mod  ─  Several mods included. I like to use “choose part-time or full-time” and “ask before promotion”.

Less Late Penalty  ─ Sims will no longer be fired for missing work 3 days consecutively. Useful for Uni Sims to have a job while attending classes.

Job Stopinator  ─ When placed in a Sims inventory, they will no longer be able to get promoted despite having the necessary skills.

Carpool Warning Fix  ─  Sims who are sick or in first stage of pregnancy will now get carpool warnings.

Job Seeking Noticeboard  ─  This object allows Sims to browse and find the perfect career for them. I love to add this to my career services/welfare lot.

Bring Home Friend from Work  ─ Asks if you’d like to bring home a friend from work.

Lower Job Promotion Chance  ─ Lowers the chance to get promoted. I use the 50 one.

No Carpool for Mothers  ─  Carpool will no longer arrive for pregnant Sims or mothers.

Job Level Labels  ─  Numerical labels for each job position 1-10.

No Friends Needed for Career  ─  Eliminates the requirement of needing friends to get promoted. Never made sense to me! With Simbology links, choose your latest expansion pack, then search for file.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Cyjon’s Mods  ─  Has lots of various fixes and other mods available to download! Make sure to download Smarter EP Check! Its essential for most of their mods.

Dress Me Correctly  ─  Sims will dress correctly for either school, work, or bed. No more everyday outfit after a shower!

Eat More, Talk Less  ─ self-explanatory.

Extended Family Seen As Family  ─  Second cousins, first cousins once removed, great grandparents/children, great aunts/uncles are recognized as family.

Overly Bright CAS Fix  ─  Fixes Sim parts being too bright in CAS on modern hardware if they were made without tangents or if you’re playing with useshaders on false.

No Whining at Missing Objects -- self-explanatory lol.

Matchmaker Fix  ─ Allows Sims to be able to interact with the Matchmaker on community lots.

Random Calls Fix  ─ This mod fixes a flaw with the base game random calls which prevented you from getting phone calls from anyone other than burglars, delivery persons, etc.

Smart Beds  ─ Sims will finally sleep in their respective beds! Hooray!

Smarter Lights  The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn the light on and off, depending of the type of the lot, the time of the day and what the sims are doing.

Shadow Fix  ─ This mod fixes Sims’ shadows shown as black rectangles.

Want Mods  ─  Removes annoying and redundant wants like buy gadget, sports party, etc.

No Bathroom Dishes -- Dishes will not be washed in the bathroom. Affects all sinks by placement, not by type of sink. Truly, it is More Awesome Than You.

Woohoo LTW Fix  ─ Stops the woohoo LTW from disappearing after being achieved.

Woohoo Count Fix   If a Sim has woohooed with the same sim multiple times in different types of woohoo, the game will now consider that as having woohooed with only one sim.

Social Work Hack  ─ The Social Worker behaves reasonably with this mod. AL version.

LTW Variety  ─  Makes LTW, especially for careers, appropriate to the sim.

Better Butler Meals  Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners.

Butler Fix  ─  This mod will stop the butler from repeatedly jump bugging and throwing a “Error: Trying to access array element via iterator that does not exist.” error when he’s trying to cook.

Lockable Garage Doors  Allows garage doors to be locked like other doors.

Front Door Hack  Sims won't go to your garage door or back door to ring the doorbell.

Date/Outing Stood Up Fix  ─  This mod fixes the broken timer behavior for standing dates/outings up.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Exercise Tweaks  ─ Tweaks on motive drops for exercise equipment, balancing them and getting rid of the absurd energy drops on FreeTime items.

Exercise Bike Fix  ─ Sims will no longer exercise to death on the bike.

Jump Rope Fitness  ─  Fitness skill gained when jump roping.

Fitness 4 All  ─ Townies may now become fit or fat.

Diary Memories  ─ While writing in their diary, Sims will recount previous memories. Love this!

Enthusiasm Overhaul  ─ The mods improve the hobby enthusiasm system, better matching hobbies to interests, makes the One True hobby more important than others, decay is dependent on interests, stops annoying hobby messages and more. Also includes a mod that prevents sims gaining cuisine enthusiasm for every meal they eat.

No Hobby Stalkers  ─ With this mod, iconic hobbyists should not appear (and the game should not try to find or create them) outside secret hobby lots.

Fewer Hobby Wants  ─ The purpose of the mod is to reduce the number of hobby wants by stopping certain wants from being triggered.

Bubble Bath Fun  ─  Fun increases while taking a bubble bath.

Become Author without Computer ─ self-explanatory.

Comm Skilling ─  Controlled sims, NPCs, and townies may gain skills/enthusiasm while visiting community lots.

Creativity Gain for Blogging/Diary ─ also self-explanatory.

Crafting Skills and Tweaks  ─ This mod allocates a skill to each crafting station such that as a Sim uses the station they gain the associated skill.  The mod also changes using the Robot Workbench to gain Science enthusiasm, the Toy Workbench to gain Tinkering enthusiasm, and the Flower Station to gain Nature enthusiasm.  Finally it brings the fun mood changes from using the Pottery Wheel in line with the other four stations.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««

Memory & Name:

Neosimi’s Custom Memories  ─ coming soon.

Better Names  ─ This file changes the default list of names for townies and NPCs. It is mainly based on US Census data.

No Stupid Memories  ─ Lots of options to remove annoying memories that clog the system like Vermin!

Memory Manipulator  ─ Allows you to add/remove memories and clear gossip in game.

Last Name Copier  ─ Allows you to copy last names between Sims.

Choose Last Name in Marriage  ─ self-explanatory.

Baby Last Name Chooser  ─ also self-explanatory.

Great Grandchild Memory  ─ Grandparents will now get a memory when a grandchild is born.

Engagement Memory Fix  ─ Fixes a very annoying bug that causes some Sims to have a negative memory of getting engaged when it should be positive.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


No Plumbobs  ─ Removes the plumbobs from neighborhood screen and above Sims.

Anti Weather Reaction  ─ Sims no longer wake up to gawk at weather outside.

Burglar Mod  ─  Improved and realistic burglars! No burglar sound cue, burglars have a chance of avoid alarms based on skill, etc.

Don’t Walk Away While Cooking  ─  If you find it annoying how Sims always walk away while cooking, this mod is for you.

Macrotastics  ─ Automates tedious and repetitive game play. I like to use it when I want my Sims to clean the entire house.

Perfect Plants  ─ Stops weeds from overtaking your lot.

Welcome Wagon Dialog  ─ A dialog pop up appears asking if you’d like the welcome wagon to arrive on your lot.

Random Stereo Stations  ─ AKA Sick of Salsa Music.

No CAS Smiling  ─ Sims no longer smile for no reason in CAS mode.

Sleepwear by Personality  ─ Changes the logic for sims choosing what to wear when going to bed autonomously.

Watch TV From All Chairs  ─ Allows your Sims to watch TV from chairs facing any direction at least 10 squares back from the TV – even if they’re facing sideways or at 45-degree angles.

Moving Sign  ─ Automatically keeps kitchen and bathroom built-ins, light fixtures, and gives you proper value when moving from a lot.

Immaturity + Fights Mod  ─ Young adults and older are now able to be immature. Adults and elders are much less likely, but they still can be immature. Also fixes a few issues with fight interactions, and it adds new features.

Prank Calls  ─ Adds TS1 style prank calls back into the game. So fun, so creepy!

Want Disablers  ─ Prevents Sims from getting wants for college scholarships, pet jobs, and/or go on vacation.

No Lost Friend Notifications  ─ No more annoying notifications that clog up the side of your screen from losing friends.

Elders Sleep thru Night  ─  self-explanatory.

No Instant Firefighter & Cop  ─ This mod will delay firefighter for 15-45 minutes (randomly picked) and cop for 1-12 minutes.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««

Pets & Pose:

Baby Pet Creator  ─ Create puppies and kittens for your Sims to adopt.

Dog Bath   ─  A custom object that only allows for dogs to be bathed.

Caged Pet Fix  ─  Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and wormrats.

Pets at University  ─ This mod gives YA Sims the ability to purchase and take care of pets at university.

No Pet Obsession  ─  Fixes the redundancy of Pet related wants.

No Stray Respawn  ─  Stray animals no longer respawn.

Finicky Pet Fix  ─ Fixes a bug which causes finicky pets to refuse to eat from a food bowl until they are near starving to death.

Look At Me Now  ─ Sims will look at you from wherever/whatever they’re doing. Useful for taking screenshots.

No Red Pause Lines  ─ Gets rid of the red pause lines around the screen.

Jaydee’s Pose Boxes  ─ Several different pose boxes. Extremely useful for taking screenshots/family portraits!

Thought/Speech Bubble Controller  ─  Allows you to choose a specific talk or thought bubble to appear above a Sim’s head.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««

Pregnancy & Adoption:

ACR  ─  Allows your Sims to autonomously woohoo, try for baby, make booty calls, etc. Gives your Sims more freedom to make their own romantic decisions and creates a lot of drama and fun in your neighborhood. A serious must have!

18 Hour Pregnancy  ─  Shortens pregnancy length to 18 hours. I like to use this because I play using 1 day = 1 year.

Sperm Donors  ─  This hack introduces a new social interaction called Request Sperm Donation, which will make your sims pregnant with their child, but on birth the child’s second parent will be set to a sim of your choice.

Fertile Fertility  ─  During “Try For Baby”, the pregnancy chance is rolled again for each parent who has the Super Fertility aspiration reward.

Name the Father  ─  This adds a self interaction to pregnant sims who are showing, which allows you to choose a father for the baby.

Only Family React to Birth  ─ Random Sims will no longer come witness a birth of a Sim they have no relation to.

Parenting Mod  ─ This mod makes it so that sims who have studied Parenting teach all toddler skills at twice the regular speed.

Quiet Pregnancy  ─  Stops the pregnancy chime from going off, making pregnancies a surprise!

Same Day Adoption Service  ─ Adoption process is much faster all occurring within the same day.

YA Pregnancy  ─  Enables pregnancy for young adult Sims.

Death by Childbirth  ─  Adds a small chance of your sim dying of childbirth.

More Realistic Genes  ─  This mod makes hair and eye color genetics more realistic.

Maternity Outfit Fix ─  With this fix, pregnant young adults will properly wear maternity outfits.

Adopt Teen Gender Preference ─ This mod adds the option to adopt teens from the adoption service, it also allows you to choose your gender preference for toddlers, children, & teens.

Pregnancy Relationship Change   ─  For when a sim’s pregnancy first shows and those around her realize she’s pregnant. Allows a Sim to figure out a baby is not “his” if he has high enough logic skill points.

Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite ─  Adds the possibility of miscarriages and stops pregnancy controllers from deleting themselves.

Pregnancy Test Kit ─ Sims can purchase a pregnancy test kit and find out if they are pregnant or not! Very realistic, 95% accurate. Works great with quiet pregnancy!

Shared Parenting PTO  ─   This global mod allows adults to share paid time off (PTO) (aka vacation days) while looking after the kids.

Surrogate Hack   This hack allows sims to have children via a surrogate.

                                          »»————- ♡ ————-««

Romance & Relationship:

Aromantic Mod  ─ This is composed of several mods that allow a more accurate representation of aromanticism. Some mods still in testing so check back! Use with Asexual ACR Plugin (below).

Asexual ACR Plugin  ─ Sims with ACR tokens flagged “no woohoo allowed” won’t roll woohoo-related wants.

Teens Keep Love  ─  Teens don’t lose their relationship status with another sim when they age up.

Adult Teen Attraction  ─  Allows adults and teens to have romantic attraction. Recommended for use with ACR.

Bigger Families  ─ Allows an unlimited number of sims on the lot.

Bisexual Influence Fix  ─  Stops influence system from forcing bisexual sims to choose a gender preference.

Wedding Mat ─  Allows Sims to get married on the mat instead of with a wedding arch.  Also, there are any female sims on the lot that are either a sister or child to one of the happy couple then they will be invited to be a bridesmaid.

Find A Mate  ─  Summon the power of the Gypsy’s crystal ball, monetarily free and hassle free!

First Kiss Enabled ─  This mod enables first kiss to be used any time you wish as long as the relationship score is high enough between your sims. Great for cinematic scene.

Secondary Aspiration Attraction  ─  Adjusts the attraction score between two Sims by taking into account their secondary aspirations.

Just Be Friends  ─ Option to choose just be friends at any time.

Replaced Turn Ons/Offs  ─  This mod replaces turn ons/offs to the game with new ones that make more sense.

Zodiac Tweaks  ─ Sims zodiac compatibility.

Same Sex Marriage   ─  self-explanatory.

No Bi Gender Preference Decrease  ─  Checks if a sim has positive gender preference for both genders, and in this case, their gender preference doesn’t decrease.

Breakup Anytime   ─ self-explanatory.

Mood Swing & Midlife Crisis  ─  Want to see your pregnant sims have pregnancy mood swing ? Or may be your teen sims experience mood swing ? Or having your adult sims get midlife crisis ? Then try this mod in your game.

Lecture Enabled   ─ This mod adds a new pie menu to your sim that allows you to have them lecture other sims.

More Realistic Relationship Decay ─  self-explanatory.

More Useful Apologies  ─ This replacement is reprogrammed so that when you instruct a sim to apologize, if the apology is accepted any “furious” state is wiped out, and their relationship is reset to just above zero, (or higher if they got on well before they became furious).  Gives them a chance for a real fresh start.

                                         »»————- ♡ ————-««


Townie No Memory Loss  ─ Townies will keep all their memories when moving into a playable household.

Selectable NPC  ─ This mod allows you to choose which bartender, butler, gardener, maid, nanny and repairman you want to hire.

Lot Inspector  ─  Let Prof. von Ball inspect your lots for known problems before deleting a lot that could destroy your neighborhood.

No Humble  ─  Get rid of the annoying Mr. Humble and his free PC.

NPC Aging  ─  NPC Sims on the active lot will age up one day at 6:00 PM, but only if they are ON the active lot. Does not impact playables.

Visitor Controller  ─  Ban certain Sims from your lots.

No Greeting NPCS   ─ Stops the Matchmaker and Garden Club Lady from showing up when you move a Sim into a new lot.

Call NPCS  ─  Allows you to call NPCs on the phone.

Community Lot Parties  ─  Allows you to throw parties on community lots.

Non Townie Outfits  ─ Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims.

Community Time Project  ─ Enables the passing of time on community lots to be spent on the home lot. When a Sim leaves a community lot at 5:00 PM, it will be 5:00 PM when they get back home, but you’ll still be able to play the family left behind in the meantime.*updated Jan. 2021

More Walkbys & Car Passbys  ─ Make your lot more likely with more walkbys and car passbys.

Townie Body Diversity  ─ With these mods installed, whenever the game makes a new townie, it will roll a die to decide whether the townie should be fat, fit or thin.

Telescopes on Com Lots  ─  For some reason the two Maxis telescopes could not be placed on Community lots.  This patch fixes that.

SimWardrobe’s Customer Limit Adjuster  ─  Allows you to set the limit of sims on a lot. Not restricted to OFB lots. Between 3-48. I use this in place of piqiwi’s mod now!

Shiny Tyme NPC Everywhere Patch  ─  Whatever lot type you place this in, it will get an NPC cook working just like they do on dorm lots.

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