fix mods

Cyjon’s Mods  ─  Has lots of various fixes and other mods available to download! Make sure to download Smarter EP Check! Its essential for most of their mods.

Dress Me Correctly  ─  Sims will dress correctly for either school, work, or bed. No more everyday outfit after a shower!

Eat More, Talk Less  ─ self-explanatory.

Extended Family Seen As Family  ─  Second cousins, first cousins once removed, great grandparents/children, great aunts/uncles are recognized as family.

Overly Bright CAS Fix  ─  Fixes Sim parts being too bright in CAS on modern hardware if they were made without tangents or if you’re playing with useshaders on false.

No Whining at Missing Objects -- self-explanatory lol.

Matchmaker Fix  ─ Allows Sims to be able to interact with the Matchmaker on community lots.

Random Calls Fix  ─ This mod fixes a flaw with the base game random calls which prevented you from getting phone calls from anyone other than burglars, delivery persons, etc.

Smart Beds  ─ Sims will finally sleep in their respective beds! Hooray!

Smarter Lights The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn the light on and off, depending of the type of the lot, the time of the day and what the sims are doing.

Shadow Fix  ─ This mod fixes Sims’ shadows shown as black rectangles.

Want Mods  ─  Removes annoying and redundant wants like buy gadget, sports party, etc.

No Bathroom Dishes -- Dishes will not be washed in the bathroom. Affects all sinks by placement, not by type of sink. Truly, it is More Awesome Than You.

Woohoo LTW Fix  ─ Stops the woohoo LTW from disappearing after being achieved.

Woohoo Count Fix  If a Sim has woohooed with the same sim multiple times in different types of woohoo, the game will now consider that as having woohooed with only one sim.

Social Work Hack  ─ The Social Worker behaves reasonably with this mod. AL version.

LTW Variety  ─  Makes LTW, especially for careers, appropriate to the sim.

Better Butler Meals Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners.

Butler Fix  ─  This mod will stop the butler from repeatedly jump bugging and throwing a “Error: Trying to access array element via iterator that does not exist.” error when he’s trying to cook.

Lockable Garage Doors Allows garage doors to be locked like other doors.

Front Door Hack Sims won't go to your garage door or back door to ring the doorbell.

Date/Outing Stood Up Fix  ─ This mod fixes the broken timer behavior for standing dates/outings up.

Hobby Lot Visitor Fix  ─  Fixes a few things about uncontrolled visitors the game generates on hobby lots.

Personal Trainer Fix  ─  Fixes an issue that exercise equipment sometimes doesn't let a sim be a personal trainer due to an attribute not being properly cleared after previous use.

about + tou

my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

terms of use

• open tou; feel free to do just about anything you’d like with my stuff, ideally with credit.

• absolutely do not post anything i have made behind a paywall, that includes sites like t$r.

• most of all, don’t be a weirdo and claim/reupload my stuff as your own.