education mods

Desk Locator  ─  With this object placed on a desk, children and teens will always put their homework on the designated desk.

Edukashun Iz Gud  ─  Limits promotions for Sims that did not attend or finish college, depending on education level.

Semester Changes  ─ University length cut down to 8 days instead of 24.

Move Out of College  ─  Sims of any age can live in uni subhoods and graduated Sims are not forced to move out.

Faster Homework  ─  Homework takes 15 minutes to complete instead of 1hr.

1 Day Uni Aging  ─  Playable sims and pets age and grow up while living on campus (all except young adults).  

No Visiting Professors  ─   Prevents those creepy Art professors from stalking your dorms.  

No Memory & Want Uneducated  ─  Sims do not get a negative memory for not attending college.

School Mods  ─ Various school mods such as a fix on how the game determines which friend to bring home.

Uni Career Lifetime Wants  ─  Adds missing lifetime wants for University careers.

No Dormie Regen  ─  Prevents random dormies from spawning.

No SS Respawn  ─  Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members.

Prom + Afterschool Activity  ─ Adds Prom experience and after school activities for teens.

about + tou

my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

terms of use

• open tou; feel free to do just about anything you’d like with my stuff, ideally with credit.

• absolutely do not post anything i have made behind a paywall, that includes sites like t$r.

• most of all, don’t be a weirdo and claim/reupload my stuff as your own.