baby/toddler/child mods

No Baby Harassment Babies no longer harassed a million times by Sims for no reason.

Crib Get Out ─  Toddlers can now get out of cribs by themselves.

Toddler Sleep Thru Night  This is a patch for the crib. Daytime naps are not affected, but once a toddler is asleep in his crib after 8pm, he should stay asleep until 6am unless he is extremely hungry.

Baby Bottle Replacement ─  Replaces the ugly green bottle with a more realistic clear/white bottle.

Accessible High Chairs  ─ Sims can access toddler high chairs from all angles.

Bottomless Bottle ─  Baby bottle that never spoils. Also deletes any regular bottles lying around. I use this if I have too many babies on a lot lol.

No Empty Potty ─  Eliminates the need to empty the potty.

Baby Wants Fix ─  Removes the distinction between having a baby and adopting. Adopting will satisfy the want to have a baby.

Freetime Animated Cribs No more arms stuck in cribs!

Baby Bottles from Mini Fridge  Sims can now get baby bottles from the mini fridge! Alternative: Formula Fridges (booty link)

Aging Baby to Toddler Fix Fixes an issue with the Help with Birthday code that prevents babies from aging into toddlers.

Kids Can Make Cereal self expanatory.

Breastfeed Baby  Sims can now breastfeed their babies!

Wet the Bed If a child sim was not potty trained, there is a chance they wet the bed.

Watch Kids Enabled Allows neighbors and visitors to watch kids like a nanny.

Children Can Throw Parties Finally children can throw parties and invite their friends instead of Mom and Dad!

Less Picky Toddlers  Toddlers roll generic wants that can be satisfied by anyone (not just their parents).

Baby Last Name Chooser    Allows you to choose which last name a sim baby will have.

Shared Parenting PTO  This global mod allows adults to share paid time off aka vacation days while looking after the baby. Also it’s a cute calendar!

Parenting Mod    Sims who have studied Parenting teach all toddler skills at twice the regular speed. In addition, when they encourage a sim, the personality change effect is higher.

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