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Preview of vending snacks

July 27, 2021

Hungry? Enjoy some tasty vending machine defaults!

The original textures are hideous and got to go, so here’s my attempt at making my own custom bags of vending machine snacks. The sweet snacks’ brand is Grandma Goodie’s because I’m always using Faith Goodie in AGS :) The salty snacks’ brand is Cheddie’s Savories, idk why I just thought it sounded cute? Clearly I was working on the cheese crackers first lol. By no means am i a graphic design artist so this was a nice challenge to take on. Finding a good enough photo of the items was not easy lol. I ended up coloring the chocolate chips white so they look like macadamia/white chocolate! I may have stolen erm borrowed, the chocolate clusters logo from a company who will not be named LMAO and the cheese crackers are just… crackers sdkjfn. Hey at least the chips are in fact, krinkle cut!

download: sfs // box

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credits: EA, franzillasims, ajaysims.

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