vending drinks default

Preview of vending drinks being held

August 17, 2021

Ate some vending snacks and now you’re thirsty? Sip on some soda defaults!

This is part dos to my vending machine project, the snack defaults can be found here! The most annoying part was the fact the mesh kept messing up the swoosh of the coca cola imposter near the rim of the can. (you can see it in the root beer because i was too lazy to wrestle with that texture in photoshop and ags lol) it was a real pain in the ass to make it look good on the coke can, sue me okay. And yes, I did in fact steal the MUG root beer bulldog, don’t sue me. I also had some more fun with the preview pic, I think it came out cute !! ♡(˶╹̆ ▿╹̆˵)و✧♡

🚨 This time around I went ahead and bundled all four defaults into one package file, for convenience sake. If you’d like to mix and match, aka only have some and not all, there’s a folder within the zip containing each soda default in their respective package. 🚨 — texture sizes are 256x256.

download: sfs // box

check out my vending machine snack defaults too!

credit: EA, franzillasims, ajaysims.

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