shannanisims' starry boxes signs in simlish

Starry Boxes Signs previewed

Just dropping in to share these simlish recolors of Shannanisims’ Starry Boxes Sign.

This couldn’t of been done without Franzillasims’ huge list of fonts. I took some artistic liberties in changing a few colors and overall names here n’ there from the original. I’m not suuper proud of the bowling sign, it took a couple tries to get an icon that wouldn’t look bad in game but, eh it’s not half bad in the end. I also went in and made the object visible in hood view and I fiddled with the light file just to make it a standard white light since yes, it does light up! The mesh is included, obviously.

Left to right: Diner, Bowl (originally Plaza), Skate (originally Salon), Lodge, and Motel.

The object can be found under Lighting > Misc.

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credits: Shannanisims, Franzillasims, iCad and Numenor for the tutorials.

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