pet collar display deco version

Preview of the pet collar display

August 24, 2021

Behold, something incredibly simple and mundane but cute.

So this all started when I was building an animal shelter for my current rbh save. I thought it was dumb, but understandable, that the pet collar display was only available on community lots. Since I was building on a residential lot, I figured all I really wanted it for was aesthetic purposes anyway and had the crazy idea to clone it as a deco item. ʅ(ツ)ʃ

However, it would truly not be possible without the help of @thimblesims, who cloned the item correctly for me and allowed both the stand and collars to be recolorable. Thanks again, thimble! („ᵕᴗᵕ„)

Attached is the mesh and maxis recolors as well as in cluedo’s colors. Swatches included. Under the Pets category for $25.

download: sfs // box

credits: thimblesims, cluedosims, EA.

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