illenlan's hot chips snack fixed

Preview of the hot chips

this is something i knew i had to have in my game! all credit goes to @illenlan​ for creating the texture in the first place. i just cloned the snack chips and fixed a couple bhavs to get it to show up properly. (like i’m afraid it couldn’t of been that easy right?) i tested in my own game and ags with no issues. but this is a broken, dusty game so please let me know if anything funky happens!

oh and i went ahead and made a default version too, if that’s of interest to anyone :]

files are compressed.

UPDATE: the custom version has been fixed*. asterisk because it’s a lazy fix. This conflicts with TNW’s Wheatables custom snack, you can’t have both. this is bc i used their package, just changed the stuff needed to make it into hot chips.

download: [sfs]

credits: illenlan, theninthwavesims.

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