cinema snacks set

🎞️ cinema snacks set 🥨

hi everyone, happy saturday! i'm back from tumblr jail with a few items for your future movie theatre lots. ˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗

most of these objects are originally by pandorasims from way back in the day. i used a lot of budgie's simlish candies, but i did make my own simlish candy logos for butterfinger, milk duds, kit kat, junior mints, sweetarts, red vines, cookie dough, reeses pieces, and dots (well that was easy on the original texture). i used sandy's m&ms and skittles for the menus though. i partially remapped the other snack machines, where it was necessary. removed the 3D english especially. what really kicked this whole set off, was to simlishify beanbuilds' wonderful movie theatre menus! as always, please lmk if you run into any issues. enjoy!~

fair warning: the nachos are ridiculously high poly. those floating nachos are... scary in milkshape.

files are compressed. polycount + addt'l notes under the cut.

download herealt

credits: pandorasims, beansbuilds, budgie, sandy.


  • candy display - 3.2k
  • pretzel display - 3.9k
  • nachos and cheese - 86.6k HIGH POLYYYY OUCH OWIE
  • hot dog machine - 10.6k
  • movie theatre menus - 32. lol

notes: i reused the same package files as pandora sims, so the GUIDs remain the same. the exception being the candy display, i used my trophy cabinet conversion as a base in order to get the glass effect i liked most. apart from remapping and mesh editing, i also changed the reflection to be the kitchen cube instead of the outdoor one.

special shoutout to everyone in mistys for cheering me on while i did this! <;33

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