4t2 sport set by severinka

Preview of Items from Sport Set including: barbell, balls, and weights

September 25, 2021

guess who learned how to convert objects from ts4? this girl!

i’ve felt that gym cc in ts2 has been somewhat lacking, and this set by severinka always taunted me on pinterest lmao. i wanted it in my game but it was like many things on pinterest, ts4cc. and you know like they say: if you want it, learn how to do it. or something like that idk i’m making it up lol. i didn’t do all of the objects, the shelf i still don’t know how to convert correctly as a shelf and not deco (though if you’d like a deco version lmk) same with the hoop. basically, i just did want i wanted/could! big thanks to @crystalvu’s tutorial on the subject, you’re the best mira!

collection file included, files are compressed.

categorized under deco -> sculpture (sorry)

UPDATE 3/23/24: objects now recolorable. red recolors included for barbell and bumper plates from the original set by severinka. barbell is now 2 tile instead of one. redownload and allow all files to override.

download herealt

credits: severinka, crystalvu.

poly count:

  • • american football - 98
  • • barbell - 678
  • • basketball & football - 352
  • • volleyball - 428
  • • bumper plates - 722
  • • dumbbells - 418
  • • stand w/ barbells - 1250

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