4t2 bowling clutter

Preview of the bowling items. The bowling ball, shoes, and bag are at the forefront.

Get a strike at the bowling alley with some new clutter!

This set includes 11 items from SP10′s Bowling Night by EA, as well as some separated clutter by brazenlotus and a few new meshes by waterwoman. If there’s one thing I can’t do without is community lot cc! I was building this lot for my dv save and realized i desperately needed some more clutter. I’m happy to report many of these objects can be used in a variety of different settings, not just the bowling alley. :]

files are compressed. polycount + additional photos under the cut.

download: [sfs] | [box]

credits: @brazenlotus​, waterwoman, EA.


1. Bowling Shirt Display (separated by brazenlotus) - 247

2. SP10 USBC Bowling Pin - 96

3. Bowling Banner (separated by brazenlotus) - 106

4. Leaning Frame (separated by brazenlotus) - 27

5. SP10 Peggy’s Championship Ball - 230

6. Bowling Pin Trophy (separated by brazenlotus) - 143

7. Bowling Bag by waterwoman - 339

8. SP10 House Leaderboard - 302

9. Soda Fountain (separated by brazenlotus) - 348

10. Bowling Ball by waterwoman [in preview] - 194

11. Bowling Shoes by waterwoman [in preview] - 108

Preview of Items from Sport Set including: barbell, balls, and weights Preview of Items from Sport Set including: barbell, balls, and weights

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