4t2 simmify music nook 2 by myshunosun

🎼 4t2 Simmify Music Nook 2 🎹

happy thursday! here is myshunosun’s simmify music nook 2. ♡

@platinumaspiration mentioned how she'd like it in her game, so i got right on it! i ended up resizing the book clutter just a smidge, in order to fit better on the shelf. there is some clipping going on w the piano. i lowered the keys in milkshape a bit to make it less apparent, but ah well. oh! and i’m actually quite proud of the lamp since it has an unlit/lit state! hooray! anyway, that should be all. as always, please lmk if there’s any issues, enjoy!~  //♡ʕっ˘ڡ˘ςʔ

  • book clutter 1: 156 polys | deco/sculpture | $50
  • book clutter 2: 324 polys | deco/sculpture | $50
  • concrete bookshelf: 478 polys | surfaces/shelves | $800
  • cute succulent: 566 polys | deco/plants | $45
  • floor lamp: 1196 polys | lighting/floor | $80
  • framed poster: 46 polys | deco/wall hanging | $75
  • potted palm: 650 polys | deco/plants | $150
  • upright piano: 821 polys | hobbies/creative | $1000

part one here. files are compressed. collection file included.

download: [sfs] | [box] ♪♫♡ 

credits: @myshunosun


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