4t2 EP12 shell mini mart clutter by sforzinda

🧊 4t2 shell mini mart clutter 🛢️

i got completely sidetracked with other cc i had on my radar, but here is another piece of sforzinda’s separated clutter from EP12. specifically the debug shell mini mart. perfect for community lots, enjoy!~ ₍ᐢ ̥ ̮ ̥ᐢ₎ *:・。

  • icebox: 220 polys | $1000
  • propane tank display: 688 polys | $1500 
  • newspaper box: 102 polys | $500

files are compressed. as always, please lmk if there’s any issues. 

download: [sfs] | [box] ♡

credits: @anvilesi, @magicbats’ pop! psd, EA. 

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my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

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