4t2 my cherish things by kkb

🪑 4t2 kkb's my cherish things ☕

hi everyone, happy wednesday! as promised, here is kkb's my cherish things set converted for ts2. i thought i was more finished than i truly was, there ended up being lots of little fixes. anyway, i was finally able to complete it over the holiday break! i do apologize for being fairly absent the past few months, i hope to get back into the sims again. that is if my game will stop crashing but we all know how that story goes- as always, please lmk if you run into any issues. enjoy!~⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

addt'l photos + object list under the cut. files are compressed.

download herealt

credits: @kkbsmm, veranka's vanadium sink as a base.


  • Cushion Chair
  • Induction Burner
  • Iron Basket
    -> Pastel Teacup + Powder Case Repo'd
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Pastel Fridge [Functional + Animated]
  • Pot Hanger
    -> Bread Box, Drink Box, + Cushion Stool Repo'd
  • Ribbon Kettle
    -> Ribbon Bowl, Low Pot, Pan w Handle, Pasta Pot, Stew Pot, + Teacup Repo'd
  • Kitchen Sink [Functional]
  • Tablecloth Table
    -> Wooden Chair Repo'd
  • Three-Tier Lunch Box
    -> Two-Tier Lunch Box Repo'd
  • Two-Tier Dish Dryer

note: i didn't include the cupboard, idk i guess i spaced it out sry!

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my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

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