4t2 menu board by streneesims

🍔 4t2 Menu Board 🍟

as i was packaging up speedy's fast lanes, i realized i hadn’t shared this piece of cc yet so here it is now! this is streneesims’ menu board from their restaurant art collection. since i already packaged up the lot, i decided to leave the object as is. (meaning it only has one subset instead of two). at the time, i didn’t know how to separate an object into subsets in milkshape like i do now. but imho, it doesn’t really matter since the recolors are only for the frame and not the menu itself. with that being said, if you would like a subset version shoot me an ask and i will update with an additional link. anyway, that should be all! i should be uploading speedy's fast lanes soon so hang tight if you’re interested in that. :] as always, please lmk if you run into any issues. enjoy!~ ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒

download: [sfs] | [box] ♡

credits: @streneesims.

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my name’s naomi and i post my downloads and reblog stuff that interests me from time to time. ts2 only, but ts1 is an exception. my cc finds are on a secondary tumblr blog, @neosimifinds. i also run the 4t2 cc database which is aimed at custom content from ts4. :] wcif friendly. requests open but not guaranteed.♡

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• open tou; feel free to do just about anything you’d like with my stuff, ideally with credit.

• absolutely do not post anything i have made behind a paywall, that includes sites like t$r.

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