4t2 homely hodgepodge by leaf-motif

🏠 4t2 homely hodgepodge by leaf-motif 🪑

happy thursday! here is leaf-motif’s homely hodgepodge for the sims 2. the dining chair’s cushion is repo’d to the chair w bag. the only reason it wasn’t fully repo’d was bc there’s a shadow painted on the frame of the bag chair. the cats in a line are repo’d to the ones in a group. the record player doesn’t have fx on purpose. i figured the two fx rings looked awkward on such a small device. that should be all! as always, lmk if you run into any issues. enjoy!~**♡( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )

compressed. collection file included. polycount under the cut.


credits: @leaf-motif​. 

  • Bag Chair - 836 polys | $35
  • Dining Chair - 436 polys | $35 [REPO]
  • Little Note - 126 polys | $1
  • Messy Chessboard - 1796 polys | $25
  • Record Player - 1106 polys | $25 [NO FX]
  • Side Table - 302 polys | $15
  • Three Cats in a Group - 1500 polys | $1
  • Three Cats in a Line - 1500 polys | $1 [REPO]
  • note: i wanted to convert the coffee table as well, but the mesh kept showing up as empty in blender.

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