4t2 EP12 cafeteria station + clutter

Preview of the cafeteria station with a stack of trays and one individual tray with food.

🍴 4t2 HSY Cafeteria Station + Clutter 🥤

happy sunday! here is a fun little set consisting of HSY’s cafeteria station and it’s separated clutter by sforzinda. this is only the first part as I plan to convert other objects and/or it’s separated clutter. the register is not included lmao, only for preview sake. please let me know if you run into any issues, enjoy! (ᵕ ᵕ⁎)

files are compressed. polycount + add’l info under the cut.


credits: EA, @anvilesi.

notes: i did a bit of editing to the station’s mesh, resizing it a smidge as well as upscaling the meatballs(?) in the tray to match the debug trays, there used to be 16, now it’s 9. speaking of which, the debug trays have also been upscaled and i made my own stack mesh since it just felt right to include lol. i wanted to lower the cafeteria food meshes, but unfortunately they sink into surfaces as seen here. the trays are best placed on the station with the OMSP shelf 1


EP12 cafeteria station - 3824 polys / $2225 
EP12 debug tray w food 01 - 214 polys / $1
EP12 debug tray w food 02 - 228 polys / $1
EP12 debug tray w food scraps 01 - 159 polys / $1 [repo’d to food 01]
EP12 debug tray w food scraps 02 - 116 polys / $1 [repo’d to food 02]
EP12 debug tray - 78 polys / $1 [repo’d to food 01]
EP12 debug stack of trays - 306 polys / $1 [repo’d to food 01]
sep. clutter: cafeteria glass display - 274 polys / $20 [coffee table]
sep clutter: condiments - 212 polys / $1
sep clutter: cutting board - 90 polys / $1
sep clutter: drink dispenser - 354 polys / $20
sep clutter: food 01 closed - 1174 polys / $5
sep clutter: food 01 open - 414 polys / $5
sep clutter: food 02 closed - 257 polys / $5
sep clutter: food 02 open - 691 polys / $5
sep clutter: juice box - 26 polys / $1
sep clutter: soda bottle + water bottle - 46 polys / $1
sep clutter: trash bin - 47 polys / $10

Separated clutter.

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